Summer Snackin’

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Blink and you’ll miss it….summer is already half over!  By now you’re likely a pro at keeping the kids entertained but falling into a summer rut is definitely real at this time of year.  I tend to like some ideas to keep us far away from fast food places and ice cream joints!

If their day will be spent at the cottage, a day camp, or at the spray park, start your adventure off on the right foot! First trip – the kitchen!  “Kids, raid the kitchen, we’re beginning our adventure in back pack snackin’!”

The first is our home-made frozen Creamsicle treats….these of course won’t be ready until tomorrow’s extracurriculars but the effort is well worth it!

Grab the equipment first:

*the blender,

*whole milk yogurt (goat yogurt works too!) or coconut yogurt if you are dairy free,

*your favourite fresh berries,

*some stevia or honey

*milk (goat, almond, rice, hemp or soy works too!).

If you choose to use a berry with a larger seed (like a raspberry), you should blend them first, then strain the puree through a fine mesh sieve to remove the seeds.  Select lucky child number one to press the puree button on the blender while child number two awaits the puree and sieve.  *Now, don’t make the mistake of an inexperienced creamsicle-chef and drain the juice down the sink leaving the seeds….catch it with a bowl (admittedly I’ve done this once….but only once!  Lesson learned after the first time).  Child number three will then remove her fingers from the yogurt container.  Next, with the help of our little friends, pour all the ingredients in with the berry juice back into the blender and puree till smooth.  Pour into popscicle molds, have the assistants garnish your creation with the sticks, and place into the freezer for anxious taste-testers tomorrow!

Now, for the next tasty creation:  Sand Pail Parfaits.

Begin with your CLEAN medium sized sand pail and shovel.  Have the kids go on a “treasure hunt” for the ingredients which may (or may not) include:



*sunflower seeds,

*granola (homemade or pre-made),

*shredded coconut,

*raw chocolate (cacao nibs),

*hemp seeds,

*flax seeds,

*dried or fresh berries,

*any kind of nuts.

Layer the dry ingredients between the yogurt.  When you get to the park, serve with your shovel into smaller sand pails.  Added bonus, you don’t have to remember to pack the sand toys AND your children will undoubtedly finish their snack if they know playing in the sand afterwards is on the line….works like a charm!  Just make sure the snack comes BEFORE play time!

And what would a snack be without an appropriate beverage to keep all the electrolytes in balance and hydration up in the heat?  How about some Sunshine Tea with Coconut Water?

Send the kids on an adventure to locate the biggest jar you can find in your home (glass works best!).  *Using your favourite tea (we love a the new Body Fuel Signature Blend tea), put several teaspoons into your tea ball, place into your jar and with pure filtered room temperature water.  Add a cup of coconut water along with several drops of stevia (if desired….Body Fuel Blend Tea has stevia leaves already added), and some slices of lemons, limes and oranges.  Place lid on jar and tote to the deck where you can find a beautiful stream of sunshine to “brew” your tea.  Allow to sit several hours, remove the tea bags and fruit, and refrigerate.

You may be asking “why the coconut water?”  The answer is delicious to say the least….not only is it a nice tasting beverage, it is nature’s own amazing electrolyte replacement with the same electrolyte balance as our blood.  Among this and many other things, it also cleanses the digestive tract, boosts the immune system,  detoxifies, fights viruses and promotes balance of your PH.  Now fill up your thermos, you’re ready for your trip!

If you’re out and about and your snack is one that will might warm with the sun a little, good choices are trail mixes, organic fruit leathers, roasted whole wheat pita chips, the traditional cut up veggies, hot air popcorn, dried fruit,  whole grain crackers or muffins.

Wherever your summer adventures lead you, be sure to remember that healthy snacks are as essential to the experience as remembering your hat, shades and sunscreen!


½-1 lb fresh or frozen berries (if frozen, allow to thaw)

1/2 cup of whole milk yogurt (use goat as an alternative or coconut)

1/2 cup milk (appropriate substitutions are coconut, goat, rice, hemp, almond or soy)


5 drops of stevia OR 2 tbsp. honey (adjust to taste preference, creamy vanilla stevia is so yummy in this recipe!)

*Place berries in a blender and puree.  Strain out any seeds. Combine all ingredients with fruit puree in blender, blend to combine then pour into molds and freeze.



*Check out new produce from Solar Ray (Kipling) – bulk cherry tomatoes, European thin skinned “little giant” red potatoes, European thin skinned white too!  Amazing grower!

*Eggplant are back!  Complete with Martha’s best advice on recipes

*Pusch Brother’s brought us some of their Mini Cucumbers!  First harvest and the kids at Body Fuel got them!  Now we will share them with you! Great intro price!

*No carrots from your garden?  That’s ok because another one of our local growers, Derek Neuls, brought us some….along with bunched beets!  Sooo tasty!

*If you are on a Wednesday or Thursday route, snag some of Saltine Baking Co.’s fresh organic sourdough bread!  We even put it on sale just to give you some incentive to treat yourself to something amazing!

*Peaches by the case continue.  Yes indeed we are good price negotiators….another week of stocking up the freezer or doing some canning!  Canning apricots are still available too!

*Don’t miss the Blues – 5lb and 1lb Blueberries are still available!

*Is anyone else addicted to those teensy weensy sweet-as-can-be Champagne Grapes?  I hope not….I’ll eat them all!


This is what you can expect in your bins this upcoming week (August 8th, 2016)

$40 We Think For You

1 bunch local beets

1.5lb zucchini

1 bunch broccoli

1 red onion

1 field cucumber

1 orange pepper

2 field tomatoes

1/3lb lb baby spinach

3 sunrise BC apples

3/4lb apricots

6 bananas

2 nectarines

3/4lb Shiro plums

1lb red grapes

$25 We Think For You Bin

1.5lb zucchini

1 bunch broccoli

1 field cucumber

1 field tomato

0.25lb baby bulk spinach

3 sunrise apples

0.5lb shiro plums

4 bananas

2 nectarines

0.5lb apricots

1lb red grapes

$40 Paleo Fresh Bin

1 bunch local carrots

1.5lb sweet potatoes

1 head cauliflower

1 bunch kohlrabi

1 bunch celery

1 bunch green onion

1 package Pusch Mini cucumbers (NEW!)

1 orange pepper

1 green leaf lettuce

1 LOCAL black kale

1 cantaloup melon

2 sunrise apples

2 nectarines

2 bananas

$50 Bordering on Boring Bin

1.75lb red “little giant” nugget potatoes (LOCAL)

1 LOCAL bunch carrots

3/4lb green beans

3 corn on the cob

1 yellow onion

1 package Pusch Bros. Mini Cucumbers

1 orange pepper

1 – 3pk romaine hearts

2 sunrise apples

1/2lb apricots

6 bananas

2 nectarines

1/2lb shiro plums

2 peaches

1lb green grapes

Grocery Item included in Bordering on Boring Bin – 1 med. tub banana chips

$45 Weekend Warrior Bin (Grab and Go – never need a knife!)

1 package rainbow carrots

1 container cherry tomatoes

1 package Pusch Mini Cucumbers

2 sunrise BC apples

4 bananas

2 nectarines

1/2lb plums

2 peaches

1lb strawberries

Grocery Items included in Weekend Warrior Bin

1 Prairie Cherry Chocolate bark

1 Kettle Dill Pickle Chips

1 tub Banana chips

2 Rawmore Protein bars

2 SIP sodas

1 package Blue Diamond Gluten Free Rice Crackers

1 Habibi’s hummus

1 package Spry Gum


Delivery Schedule for week of August 8 2016


*Radville – Tuesday delivery to Janet Galarneau’s

*Wilcox  – Tuesday Delivery

*Milestone – Tuesday Delivery


*White City and neighbouring communities – Tuesday afternoon delivery direct door drops

*Lumsden/Regina Beach/Buena Vista  – Tuesday afternoon delivery direct door drops

*Regina Tuesday Pick up route – Tuesday in-store

*Estevan -Wednesday afternoon delivery direct door drops

*Indian Head – cancelled for summer

ORDER BY SUNDAY AT NOON for the following routes/communities:

*Cupar (Thursday evening delivery)

*Regina in-store pick up and deliveries (Thursday)

*Grand Coulee/Pense (Thursday delivery)


Happy snackin’

-Lana and your friends from Body Fuel

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